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About Us.

From Ireland, we arrived in the USA with O-1 visas to then discover we qualified for EB-1 Green Cards. Now we are green card holders and happily working. We teach you exactly how we did this ourselves without attorneys and how you can do the same, check out our story.
Est. 2015


Our Focus

We understand your requirements and provide quality guides. Congratulations on taking the next leap in your global career. We have built detailed step-by-step guides on the US Extraordinary Ability Visa process that break down the applications into manageable sections to best help you on your path to working and living in the USA.

Your Visa

We offer detailed guides since 2015 for the US extraordinary ability EB1 green card and O-1 visas.

The Process

Easy to follow steps with sample petition letters, reference letters and how to package your application.


Visual representations of approved evidences and documentation including form filing.

Easily Searchable

We built our guides to be user friendly, easily searchable and accessible 24/7.



We understand your requirements and provide quality guides.
O-1 3 Year Visa


O-1 Temporary Visa step by step

Distinguished Evidence

Sample Petition Letter

Filing the Forms

Itinerary & Sponsor

Self-file or Attorney

24/7 Access

EB-1 Green Card


USA Green Card step by step

Extraordinary Evidence

The Petition Letter

Filing The Forms

Responding to an RFE

Self-file or Attorney

24/7 Access



O-1 & EB-1

O-1 Visa & EB-1 Green Card


Everything needed to Apply

Secure & Searchable

Self-file or Attorney

24/7 Access



Use to self file or speed the process if working with an attorney…

I used an attorney to file my green card and received an RFE. Wish I had found you before applying. I used your guide to prepare my RFE response and your guide really helped. Now, I wait…

Ms M.

Canada to New York

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Why Choose us?

We understand from the applicants point of view

Statistics & Past Results

We have dissected past denied USCIS cases and have determined what the examiners are looking for to make your application successful.

Zero Attorney Fee

We give you tools to confidently apply without an attorney. If you chose to hire an attorney our guides have all you need to speedily prepare your case.

Step by Step

We have laid our guides in an easy to follow manner that correlates in the process ensuring you will always be prepared for what’s next.

24/7 Access

Our secure online guides are available to you when you need them. They are built in such a way that they are searchable to easily find the information you need right now.

Form Filling

Not only do we provide break downs on each criteria, example evidence, reference letters and sample petition letters, we show you how to fill out the USCIS forms.

Since 2015

Our guides have helped countless applicants in successfully applying for their O-1 visas and EB-1 green cards.

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