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Here are our Terms of Service.

The privacy of our visitors and users of GreenCard.Guide is important to us. Your personal information is secure and will never be shared with any third party. The only personal information that we require from you is your email address. 

All payment information is encrypted and transmitted without risk using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol and PayPal.

We do not offer a refund for our guides. Our guides are priced in line with a 30 minute pre-consultation phone call from many Immigration Attorneys working on Extraordinary Ability visas and green cards. In such consultations, attorneys quickly assess your options and chances, and offer or decline to assist you – our guides explain the complete process of applying for these visas step by step, giving you the ability to assess your own career and the tools to best present it for success. Our guides have proven successful time and again. The process is complex and involves a lot of work. Please do not buy if you are unsure.

Single User License: Purchases are non-transferable. The contents of GreenCard.Guide are protected by copyright. The buyer agrees not to distribute the contents and agrees to use GreenCard.Guide solely for the intended purpose of preparing buyer’s (or immediate family co-applicant’s) petition. Login details may not be shared. We have the right to terminate access to certain users, if these users abuse our website. This purchase is exclusively for the Green Card Guide and not an agreement of any future service. Email support, answering application questions, is provided as a courtesy.

We endeavour to update this site with the latest USCIS policies and provide links to current application forms but it is the responsibility of the petitioner to confirm the latest forms (including fee schedule and mailing information) at the time of application. Filled example forms are only representative.

The information contained on GreenCard.Guide and our Green Card Guides are intended for informational and background purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice, nor does it substitute for legal advice. GreenCard.Guide are private non-lawyer website and is not affiliated with any U.S. government agency or official body. We are not a law firm and do not provide legal-related services, nor do we represent clients before USCIS. While much of the information provided in these web pages is about legal issues, it does not constitute the practice of law and should not be relied upon as such. All green card and temporary visa applications are assessed on an individual basis and fall to the interpretation and decision of USCIS examiners. While our guide is compiled from successful petitions and serves as good example of how to build a successful petition, the information on this website should not be relied upon as indicative of future results. Immigration law is extremely personal; any one fact in a particular situation may be of great importance to a case, and dramatically and dis-positively affect the outcome. GreenCard.Guide disclaims any liability or damages that result from any actions taken as a result of information provided on this website. We make this warning and disclaimer of liability to protect not only ourselves, but to protect you, the reader of this website. By purchasing and using our GreenCard guides, the buyer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless GreenCard.Guide and all employees, representatives, directors, officers and affiliates against all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, settlement costs and any reasonable legal, accounting or other expenses for investigating or defending any actions or threatened actions) (collectively “Losses”).

If you are an attorney please contact us for licensing information and fee negotiation.

The buyer agrees to provide an email for the purpose of receiving access.

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